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Winter Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

It does not sound really exciting to take care of your yard during the chilly winter season. However, whenever the spring season arrives, it makes all the difference. The design of your landscaping is vital for the exterior of your home. However, you have to prevent common mistakes when it comes to the severe winter season.  

Here are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid whenever you are taking care of your landscaping Spokane during winter. Avoiding these common mistakes will make sure that you are providing your lawn the right care it needs.  

Not Raking the Lawn Regularly 

Oftentimes, homeowners do not rake their lawn whenever the chilly weather sets in. For those who don’t know, this is not an ideal move. Letting leaves to accumulate on the ground can lead to the growth of fungi and mold. Aside from affecting how your lawn and plants grow at the start of spring, fungi and mold can also dig their way into the ground. If this happens, it will lead to more damage. With this, you’ve got to ensure you’re regularly raking your lawn all year round if you want to have healthy landscaping.  

Trimming the Grass Extremely Short 

The grass in your lawn will constantly grow. It does not stop. However, during the winter season, the growth of your grass will slow down. This is particularly true whenever temperatures drop below 40 degrees. Because of this, it’s advised that you should not trim the grass too short since it can cause issues. Make sure you adjust the blades of your mower accordingly. 

Neglecting Possible Pest Issues 

You’ve got to ensure that you take action right away if you see pests camping out in your trees or plants. You should not neglect this sign. Noticing and stopping these issues before winter starts can help you prevent huge damage to your plants. Aside from that, you are also preventing the damage from spreading into your house and its surroundings. Whenever you see even the slightest signs of pests, you’ve got to take action as soon as possible. If you do not know what to do, a professional landscaping company can help.  

Not Watering the Plants 

During the winter season, a popular misunderstanding about watering the plants is that homeowners do not have to due to the leaves shedding or the rainfall. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that your shrubs and plants still require water throughout the winter months. Your plants can become dehydrated if you do not do this. They will die off eventually. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you’re keeping your plants hydrated during the winter and dry season. 

Utilizing the Wrong Fertilizer for Your Plant 

You’ve got to ensure that you’re utilizing a fertilizer that is compatible with the outdoor temperature, aside from providing the needs of your plants. When purchasing fertilizer, you have to ensure you read the label properly. You can also ask a professional landscaping company for recommendations on the best fertilizer to use during the winter season.  

Towing the Left Vehicles in Your Parking Area

If you are having a business or a company, then you probably would have a parking area where your customers could park their cars while they are shopping or eating. There are some people who are very smart as they would leave their cars or vehicles in your place or area but they would not buy anything to your store. Some of them would even leave their cars a for a long time and they don’t care about the owner of the parking area and the other customers who’ll park. It is a nice thing that you would consider hiring a towing service Spokane in order to remove the vehicles that you don’t want to park there and get rid.  

Others would think that this is something that you should not think of but at the same time, you have to make sure that your clients would have the space. Ignoring this kind of thing would give more ideas and hopes to a lot of people to do this one to your own parking area and they would not follow. You could give yourself some time to ask some suggestions from your friends as they might have a good idea like giving those people a warning before you towed it. You may also consider asking some help from the local government to ensure the safety of your place and those car owners would not file a case against this action.  

There are some actions that you need to do and one of these is to make sure that you’ll remove those cars that are not yours or from your clients.  


There are times that you have a lot of clients and most of them have their cars but you don’t have the space or the parking area for them there. It is not a good thing to think that those people who are not your customers are the one having the benefits of the free parking space instead your customers. In this manner, you are giving more importance to those people who are good ones and they are your true customers and loyal clients in the restaurant or food shop. Don’t think about the others but you need to think about more of your business especially when you are paying for the rent and the employees to work in there.  


It will be a good way to stop those people who are parking in the area and this will serve a lesson to those non-customers who parked their cars there. You could put a mark there or a signage that will remind those people and they have to pay the consequences of doing this kind of action to your place.  


Problems could also arise when someone parks his or her car there to the parking area for a longer time as the oil might leak aound the place.  

Signs of Quality Junk Removal Services

A reliable and reputable junk removal company must be a full-service organization, which could manage a single item like a refrigerator or a couch or the removal of an entire estate or property. Companies could range from a guy with a truck to a behemoth that is franchised. And just a warning, not all companies are not made equal. If you want to select and employ a junk removal service, such as Spokane Junk Pick Up, see the following are 7 signs that could help you decide and to prove that a particular company offers quality service.  

Quick removal 

The junk removal industry deliberates the expanse of time from client contact to actual removal as one of the yardsticks of a quality service provider. This is a service business and typically, the pile of debris is prepared to go by the time a client picks up the phone. The best ones could coordinate a pick-up 24-48 hours after your call. 

Enough resources 

The junk removal service company must have the needed vehicles, equipment, and tools for the job. Disposal and removal rely on such resources to really complete the job.  

Could they perform any size of the job, from taking away an old couch to multiple locations or an entire house? They should be nimble enough to pass through the small city streets or have the contacts for them to drop a dumpster for the massive jobs.  

Each item goes 

A great service provider would never turn away from any kind of junk. They should be responsive to the requirements of the customers and will work with you to dispose and remove your junk appropriately—in whatever sizes, shapes, or forms they come.  

If you ask what they take, the response should be similar to this: “It is easier to inform you what we do not take.” Moreover. Items on the “don’t take” list could be dangerous materials like fertilizer, oil, and bleach.  

Certifiable skills 

A great junk removal company has experienced and trained staff to capably manage the removal requirements of the customer and offer quality work. Training a staff begins with a commitment to customer service and keeps up with how to not make more of a mess and to slowly remove items.  

Competitive price 

The pricing format must be easy for the clients to understand. It is based on the amount or the volume of space that will be filled up in the truck. Other company’s price is based on the weight of the debris and hours. This is open-ended and sometimes confusing for the customers. 

Proper disposal 

The company should have an established junk disposal system. They must dispose of non-hazardous and hazardous junk responsibly according to what they are, with a perspective to protect and help out the environment.  

Clean up 

A great professional junk remover would sweep and clean up the places where the junk is removed from and leave the space prepared for the clients to reuse.