Friday, February 8, 2013

New Orleans Square Station: Disneyland's Undiscovered Secrets

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Babies Blog and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 2nd stop on our Magical Blogorail. For today's topic we're talking about the undiscovered things from our favorite Disney Parks; secrets, little details, all the little things that make our favorite Place so special. For today's article, we're going to be looking at a very special place in Disneyland: New Orleans Square Station. Welcome aboard again! We're glad you're back, and hope you enjoy your journey along our magical rail!

"To all who come to this happy place, welcome.
Disneyland is your land.
Here age relives fond memories of the past,
and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.
Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America,
with the hope that it will be a source of joy, and inspiration, to all the world." - Walter Elias Disney

Perhaps if you're not a Disneyland Resort regular, the above words might possibly mean very little to you, and if so, shame on you! (I only say that because I have them committed to memory) 
When Disneyland first opened its gates in 1955, it did so to these words spoken by Walt Disney himself. The words themselves are memorialized forever in The Park, and any Disneyland fan whose worth his salt probably knows most, if not all, all of them the exact same way that I do. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I've heard them about a million times during watching the "Remember... Dreams Come True" Fireworks show. But did you know that you can still hear the words spoken, in a manner of speaking, each and every day inside Disneyland still? And probably in the place you'd least expect it.

I can remember very early on in my Disneyland Park trips, each and every time I would pull into the New Orleans Square Station on the Disneyland Railroad, you could hear the audible tap-tap-tap of a telegraph line going off. Of course, back in the old days, it was how people communicated along the railroad lines. Not morse code exactly, but by tap-tapping that little thing, companies like Western Union were able to send messages across the country in ways they never had before. So it makes perfect sense the depots at Disneyland might do exactly the same thing. But I remember always wondering just exactly what it meant, if anything. Like most of Disneyland's secrets or details, everything tends to mean something, if one can only find out what.

I honestly can't say I where I learned it from at this point (it's too far back in my future), but of course now I know (and you will too!) that the little tap-tap-tap of the telegraph line is actually putting out the first few lines of Walt's Dedication Speech (up through youth savoring the challenge of the future). How cool and awesomely amazing is that??? In fact, I believe at one point when we were riding through this particular depot, a Cast Member on the train asked if anyone knew exactly what the telegraph was putting out, and I was able to recite the entire speech on the spot; not to brag or anything! And it's always a good time when you're standing in a long line of people at the depot to pay attention to conversation because, many times, you hear people around saying the exact same thing I used to: "I wonder if that telegraph noise means anything."

So there you have it! A well known, and still amazingly enough little known secret about Disneyland, and Walt Disney himself!

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MaryD73 said...

Ok, that was a cool tid bit. Thanks for sharing.

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

That is so cool! I had no idea!

pam said...

but did you know... Lilian Disney was actually proficient in Morse Code and rejected the first message that was typed out for the station. The current message reads as you think it does with one minor exception the part of the speech "To All Who Come To This Happy Place, Welcome" has a typo it actually reads "Wecome"

The CanaDisney Blog said...

Disneyland's train stations put WDW's to shame! Wonderful attraction

Jennifer Lissak said...

All of Disneyland is still sadly undiscovered to me.. can't wait to hear the tapping.. some day!

Scarlett | Disney Wonderland said...

This post made me feel so happy and nostalgic!! Love it xxx