Monday, January 30, 2012

The Disneyland Hotel - That's Where We Were!

We're back on our regular schedule this week!  It's a novel concept, having our usual Monday segment actually on a Monday this week, but we're going to push ahead with it anyways.  Mondays are typically seen as the little brat of the week, which means that we enjoy starting out on a fun note and challenging you, our readers, to once again guess where at the Disneyland Resort we took this week's photo.  We took this picture quite some time ago, but thought it would make a good (and informative!) spot to challenge people with, even if it might not be as challenging as some.  So we had Mark do his best Vanna White and here we are!

If you're not familiar with our "Magical Mystery Mondays" concept yet, each and every week we come across loads of spots around Disneyland Resort we think would make great picture opportunities, and each and every week we challenge you, our readers, to attempt to guess just where at The Resort we were when we took our pictures.  And it could be anywhere at the Disneyland Resort; either of the two Parks, the Downtown Disney District, or the wonderful Disney Hotels that are on property.  Some are easy, some are hard (and some are smack dab in the middle!), but we think it's a great way for us to get you involved and commenting on our blog, and people seem to enjoy doing it.  We hope that this week's stacks up and that you guys all enjoy it!

So, do you know where this little beauty is located at the Disneyland Resort?

If you think you know where it is, let us know!  There are a few really easy ways to do so:
We try to keep your answers hidden as best that we can so that more people get a chance to guess, so if you'll help us along by submitting your answers "on the sly" (not a general comment where anyone can see the answer) we'd much appreciate it!  We like to keep it going as long as we can and give everyone a shot.

We'll continue to pop back in throughout the day as people begin sending in their guesses to give you slight nudges in the right direction, so hopefully by the end of the day we'll have a nice little collection of correct guesses in the hopper, and then tomorrow morning we'll be back to post up all the people who guessed correctly and give you the exact spot where this was taken.

Have fun, don't take it too seriously, and guess as often as you'd like!  As we said, we'll be back a couple of times throughout the day with hints to push you along in the right direction, so what have you got to lose?  Guess often and have fun!

Well, now that our day is done we're back to let everyone in on where our little spot we chose for this week's game was!

We came across yesterday's spot almost a year ago while we were inside the Disneyland Hotel to eat at Steakhouse 55, which by the way, is one fantastic meal!  The location is quite near the ballrooms inside the hotel, and can be located on the left wall as you are walking towards both the ballrooms, and Steakhouse 55 and Goofy's Kitchen (if you're going to eat there). 

We know that a lot of people have probably never even set foot inside the hotels if they're not staying there, but we absolutely love checking them out, and although we've never actually stayed at any of them ourselves, we've been inside them many times and there are tons of fantastic things to see, which was the point of this particular photo!  So if you've never spent any time inside the hotels yourselves, we urge you to give it a try; even if you're not staying there, you're more than welcome inside to peruse and explore (within reason), and you never now what you might come across!

We had loads of correct guesses yesterday!  In point of fact, almost everyone who took a shot at it was right!  Always fun, but it just means to have to ramp up the difficulty in the coming weeks.  Just kidding... Maybe...

As always, we like to give a shout-out to everyone who came by and guessed, so here they in order of guess and name:
  • infaMOUSEproject
  • MottMike
  • @ChristinaShaw76
  • Courtney
  • @canuckduck789
  • Danielle D.
  • @Robinpoppins
  • It's All About the Tours
  • P.T.
  • @805Buckaroo
And there you have it, our correct guessers for this week!  Thanks to everyone who took a shot at it.  Even if you're not right, everyone should take a guess; you've got nothing to lose!

We'll be back next week with another brand-new spot for our readers to take a crack at!  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for a spot you'd like for us to do, or a picture of your own that you would like to submit for us to use, drop us a line at  We love having reader submissions and would love to take a look at whatever spots you might have that you'd like to see here.

Until next week, keep those peepers open and be sure and take in all of the little details all over Disneyland; you never know what little details you might see that you never have before!


MottMike said...

Disneyland Hotel, next to the ballrooms.

Anonymous said...

Its the Disneyland hotel!! I just saw this for the first time Saturday :)

Danielle D. said...

The Disneyland Hotel! Its on the left wall when you're in the lobby on the way to Goofys Kitchen character breakfast :)

It's All About Tours said...

Disneyland Hotel outside from the Grand Ballroom in the Hallway.

P.T. said...

Disneyland Hotel!

Lori said...

Darn I forgot to check your blog on Monday ! I worked all day , your game is one of the highlights of my week. I'm so sad. I even knew that one :( till next week.

Days In The Park said...

Missed seeing you Lori! :)
Glad that we can bring some enjoyment into your week - the good thing about it is that you know there's another Monday just around the bend waiting for you :)