Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introducing Our As-Of-Yet Untitled "Question Series!"

Obviously, one of the best things about writing our blog in the style that we do is that we like to see ourselves as a little more "laid back" than some of the other Disney blogs and sites that are out there.  Rather than focus on primarily the informative, we try to write about the things that suit us and our own daily experiences (hence the title "Days in the Park") at Disneyland, but do so in a way that interjects the occasional "informational nugget" that will help people as they're planning their own Days, or trips, into Disneyland.  It's not to even remotely imply that other blogs and sites like that aren't fantastic, because we read dozens of them, but it's something that we really strive for; letting people in on our fun.

That said, one of the coolest things about maintaining a blog is, on the back-end, researching and finding out just how others are finding us on the web.  Not only are we able to find out what websites are referring people to us, but if they find us through a particular word-search or question in a search engine, we can easily tell exactly what sentence or question they typed in to get to us!  We always have a lot of fun looking at exactly what people are typing in to find our articles; we've always been partial to all the searches we get for "crazy dagger eyes in Roger Rabbit", referencing Judge Doom wigging out at the end of the film. 

But we do get a lot of article searches from some really good questions that we think would make awesome articles themselves, so we've decided to be just a bit informational and starting next week will be implementing a brand new segment (as of yet unnamed!) where each and every week, we'll look through our litany of searches and answer just one question that we think would be helpful to everyone who stops by Days in the Park.  We already know what our first question is going to be (the picture up top is your first clue!) and we're really excited to get started on this!  It's a lot of fun seeing what types of things/information people are looking for, and although we do try to mainly wax poetic on our own adventures in Disneyland, we do nonetheless seek to help our readers as well and give them whatever tips and information that we can, and we think that this will be an awesome way to do so.

So keep them peepers open for our new segment starting Thursdays next week!  We just hope we'll have a name in place for it by then!


Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

What a great idea! I am looking forward to reading the new segment!

Days In The Park said...

Thanks Beth! We're excited to start something new, too! :)