Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Christmas Spectacularrrrr! - Days in the ParkCast #9

"it's a small world holiday"

Come stroll along with us for our latest episode of the Days in the ParkCast, our self-proclaimed “Christmas Spectacularrrrr!”  In this packed-to-the-hilt episode of the ParkCast, we’re tackling the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort and giving our own take on everything that Disneyland has to offer during this very special time of year.  We hope that if you’re a fan of Disneyland during the holidays, you’ll get a kick out of reliving your favorite moments from our perspective, and if you’ve never been but are interested in Disneyland this time of year, well, there’s something in there for you too!  Pull up your chair and sit a spell; we’ll be happy you did!

Originally recorded: 12/30/11
Final Edits and Release: 1/1/12
Hosted by: Chad Elliott & Mark Treiger

Just a few of the highlights of this episode include…

What would a holiday be without the decorations?!
Downtown Disney District
-Romance is in the air!
-There’s nothing quite so homey as a hotel lobby
Disney California Adventure Park
-Is it weird that we want to sit on Santa’s lap?
-Why is everything so darn big here?! – “a bug’s land”
Disneyland Park
-Main Street USA; some wreaths, a Beauty of a Castle, one massive tree, and some ultra-freaky Santas
-What would happen to you if you attempted to pet one of Santa’s reindeer?  We triple-dog dare you!
Show us the sweets!
-You want a candy cane? Get in line, brother…
-Excuse me… where’s New Orleans Square? I want to get my nog on…
Forget Broadway!  Show me the “Disneyland Playbill”
-I like my “snow foam” flavored, please… – “Believe… in Holiday Magic”
-It’s “the Spirit of the Season” over and over again – “A Christmas Fantasy Parade”
Santa has his sleigh, and we have our boats n’ doom buggies!
Clark Griswold has nothing on Disneyland – “it’s a small world holiday”
Get your NerD on!
-It’s like a Tim Burton time warp! – “Haunted Mansion Holiday”
Hidden Mickey Segment
“Haunted Mansion Holiday”

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Jason Tucker said...

I think Max is the Hatbox Ghost of the parade.

Days In The Park said...

Right you are Jason! :)

Don said...

Loved the Christmas Spectacularrrrr!!
When we were at DLR for the holidays in 2010, and we did the Holiday Tour too. There was a projection show with music on "it's a small world" and they had special projections during the fireworks too. Did they change that for this past year?

As far as finding Max - we have seen him a couple of times at the Surf's Up with Mickey & Friends breakfast over at the Paradise Pier Hotel. We've seen Daisy Duck over there too, and she seems to be a hard character to find sometimes.

Days In The Park said...

Thanks so much, Don! :)

As for the projections, as far as I know they still do them. We didn't mention them mainly because we didn't see them this year - I THOUGHT I had referenced them in the portion about Sleeping Beauty Castle during the fireworks; I had intended to, but it's definitely possible I just plain forgot about it! Time was getting away from us a bit so we started to nix a few things unfortunately :/

As for Max, I KNOW we referenced the fact we'd never been to Paradise Pier Hotel, so that would explain a few things :) We have seen Daisy in The Park a few times, like you say, she is kind of rare. We'd still like to see Max more INSIDE The Parks, though. But, we also know it's one of the reasons we like A Christmas Fantasy so much so... maybe it's okay if he's just there. :)