Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Screams at Disneyland's Mickey's Halloween Party

One of the events (within the event) that we were most excited about this year during Disneyland's Mickey's Halloween Party was definitely the "Halloween Screams" fireworks show special to the Halloween season inside The Park.

"Halloween Screams" debuted back in 2009 at Disneyland, and was originally just a special fireworks show which "aired", if you will, nightly at Disneyland.  It proved so popular, however, that Disneyland quickly decided a change was necessary to help deal with crowd-control during the show.  Last year Disney decided to move the show into Mickey's Halloween Party during its first year at Disneyland, and as a result you can now only see it if you buy a ticket for the Halloween Party yourself.  We've already mentioned we didn't go to Mickey's Party last year, and as such we missed the show, of course.

For those who may be unfamiliar with it, "Halloween Screams" is G"hosted" by Jack Skellington, in the form of a great big balloon behind the castle, who takes everyone on a playful romp with several of the best known Disney Villains through music and fireworks.  Each segment, if you will, of the show highlights a different Villain, who also appears on the balloon and talks to the audience alongside the music and fireworks.  Some of the Villains highlighted during the show (and some of our favorites) included: Cruella de Vil, The Big Bad Wolf, Ursula, Maleficent, and of course, Oogie Boogie.  It's really quite an amazing thing to see and experience and definitely something well-suited for this time of year.  And who doesn't love a specialty fireworks extravaganza?  We've been dying to see it again since we hadn't since it debuted, so it was definitely one of our "musts" for the evening.

And wouldn't you know it, we were lucky enough to be able to grab some decent shots of the show to share with you!  Fireworks can be tricky things (as anyone who has ever tried taking photos of them can attest) so we took about 100 during the show, and these are some of the ones that we liked the best.  If you ever get the chance to attend Mickey's Halloween Party, we highly suggest making "Halloween Screams" a part of your evening; Disney obviously put a lot of time and creative effort into the show, and it's well worth seeing.



@MaryD73 Capturing Magical Memories said...

I loves the Nightmare Before Christmas references at Disneyland. I wish they would bring some of that to WDW. But it does give me an excuse to fly west.

Days In The Park said...

Definitely something we LOVE and look forward to every year, Mary :)
And yes, yes it does... :)