Friday, June 10, 2011

Magical Blogorail Blue: The Days In The Park Never-Miss!

by: Chad

Welcome to those of you joining me from Pursuing the Magic.  I am the second stop on our Magical Blogorail.

This month we are focusing on that one thing you absolutely have to ensure that you do each and every time you go into The Parks.  Unfortunately, I'm unique among my peers in that I'm a "Lander".  I've talked about it before, but among most of my Blogorail partners I'm the only person who considers Disneyland my home Park.  Everyone else calls Walt Disney World home.  Plus, I'm an Annual Passholder and most weeks I can be found in The Parks fairly frequently either with my family or friends.  I'm there a lot.  It's a blessing and it's great to be able to say that I can, but it makes things like this a little bit more difficult, because I'm there so often I really don't have that one thing that I have to do every time I go.  I'm pretty much all over the place, all the time, and no two visits ever really follow the same pattern.

If I had to pick one attraction I would like to do every time I go, though, and one that I would suggest to anyone who might be making their first visit to The Park as a can't-miss, it would have to be Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

Sunset at the Enchanted Tiki Room

Like it or love it, the Enchanted Tiki Room is a Disneyland icon, and one that is definitely not to be missed, especially if you are new to the Parks and have never been inside before.  We absolutely love the Tiki Room, which might seem a bit strange considering most of our little group here are grown men, but that doesn't stop us from sitting on our preferred bench in the back and singing right along with "all ze little birdies" as "zey" sing.

Main entrance to the Tiki Room

The premise behind the Tiki Room is simple, but it is quite the spectacle.  You begin your journey outside the Tiki Room where you are treated to the Tiki Room Garden Show, featuring some of your friendly neighborhood Hawaiin Tiki gods such as Tangaroa-Ru.  There are several of these totems all around the garden, and while you are waiting for your show inside the Room itself, the show moves around the garden where all the gods talk about themselves and give their stories for everyone in the audience to hear.  It really is entertaining and well worth showing up early to experience. 

Tiki Room Garden Show totems and gods

But once the garden show is over, the real fun begins.  The Enchanted Tiki Room is a roughly 15 minute show conducted by some of Walt's favorite audio-animatronic birds, excuse me, parrots (Walt himself had a personal hand in the creation of this attraction), singing some of the catchiest songs this side of It's A Small World.  It's not uncommon to be sitting there hearing everyone else in the audience singing right alongside the birds.  The songs move all around the room (there are well over 100 birds, drummers, plants, totems, and more participating) and are quite varied in spirit and pacing (from the classic "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" to "Hawaiian War Chant"); each is a lot of fun to listen to and sing along with.

Love the enchanted fountain

The lady birds!

Master of Ceremonies Jose!

And not to demean the Tiki Room in any way, or put a damper on it's cultural significance and place in Disney lore in any way, but perhaps the best reason you need to check out this attraction?  It's the only place at the California Parks where you can get a Dole Whip!  This bit of dairy Heaven on Earth is definitely a reason to check out the attraction.  We only have one flavor here, unfortunately, but to us there's almost nothing on the planet than can beat a bunch of Pineapple soft-serve piled high on top of a glass of fresh pineapple juice.  While lines outside the Tiki Room typically filter out and into Adventureland, there is an alternate line for the Whip inside the Tiki Room Garden where the aforementioned Garden Show takes place.  It's completely common for us to grab a Dole Whip, watch the Garden Show, and then mosey into the Tiki Room itself to finish off our desserts and watch the show.  If you're going to order one, order the float!  It's highly recommended by 3 out of 3 Days In The Park bloggers.

Yes please!

So there you have it, the Days In The Park must-do attraction.  It was really hard to choose just one out of the many that we love so much, but after some discussion this is what we came up with.  We hope that the next time you are in our Park, if you haven't already, or heck, even if you already have, make sure you pay the Tiki Room a visit.  And if you have a chance, and you see a certain Cast Member named Maynard working the show, sprint straight inside and watch it.  He brings an entirely new meaning to the word awesome.  There aren't too many people who could spruce up your typical pre-attraction spiel (don't take flash photos, etc.) but Maynard does, and he's definitely one of those "hidden treasures" everyone should know about.  So the next time you're at the Room, check and see if Tiki Maynard is there, and enjoy the show!

Pay no attention to the crazed look in the Cast Member's eye - this dude rocks!

Thank you for joining me today.  Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail is The CanaDisney Blog.

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BhappyLove said...

Ah the beloved Tiki Room. It's not my must hit every time but in the last few years I've checked it out more and learned to appreciate it. First I have to say that getting a dole whip is one of my favorite things to do when its warm or even just mild outside (I have been known to have one on a cold day too). When we come with other families with kiddos we try to take a breather with them here. But on my last "big family" trip out to the park in November I discovered something that gives me even more of an appreciation of it. It was pretty cold and we were shutting the park down and my boyfriend's niece let us know in her little voice that she wanted to go into the tiki room. They had already closed up and we were walking down main street. We had to say no (I hate saying no to her. She's so sweet and cute!). So as we were walking out of the park in her little voice I started to hear little noises. Then it got a little louder. I figured out where the noises were coming from and I was holding it's hand. The little noises turned out to be her singing the Tiki Room songs. Cutest thing I have ever heard or seen. They come out next week so I can't wait to see and hear her running around the park with us. I hope you are having a fantastic week!

Beth Green said...

GREAT post!! Sad to say we skipped this attraction when we were out there last year since we had done it at WDW. We tried to hit the things that were not found at WDW first and we ran out of time. :(

1- what's the difference in a dole whip soft serve and float? (never had one...)
2- can maynard be found at the haunted mansion too?? I think I saw a DL special on TV or read somewhere that talked about him being at the HM... or is that someone else??

Amanda said...

That is great that you are close enough to be able to go to Disneyland so many times a week! I have never been, but if I ever make it out there - I will definitely check it out!

DebºoºS said...

Thanks for a great review, very descriptive. You're so fortunate to be able to get to the park several times a week. The Tiki Room is now on my must-do list.
DL or WDW - Gotta have a Dole Whip!

Days In The Park said...

Such a cute story, Bhappy! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

I'm glad that the Tiki Room is kind of growing on you. I was much the same way at first, but it grew on me and now I love it to death. There's just something about it. :)

Days In The Park said...

Thanks Beth!

Sad you skipped it. It's a classic but if you've seen the classic version before it's at least understandable.

The soft serve is just the dessert itself in a cup, the float is the soft serve in a cup of pineapple juice, like a float. ;)

Maynard works all over the place so it's probably. I've never seen him at the Mansion myself, but we see him at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln a lot too. We think he's at his best at the Tiki Room, but he's pretty awesome just on his own. :)

Days In The Park said...

Thanks Amanda!

Yes, it's pretty darn cool that we live so close. We're definitely blessed to be able to go as often as we do.

Hope you make it out some day! :)

Days In The Park said...

Thanks Deb!

The several times a week doesn't always often, but more often than not we try to get out there, especially with my kids :)

Glad it's now on your list, and yes, a Dole Whip is a must, wherever you are! :)

Heidi said...

I'm envious that you live close enough to visit that often. Wow! You're my hero!

And the Dole Whip Floats - those things are to die for!

Days In The Park said...

It's definitely wonderful to be able to do it, Heidi. Not sure I should attain hero status, though - LOL. We live a half hour from The Parks so it's pretty easy to do, and most of my friends here are Passholders too so we're all there frequently. It was more by chance than design - marry a Southern California girl who already lives close to The Resort and that's what happens :)

And yes, Dole Whips are to die for! :)

Disney on Wheels said...

Great review! I love the Enchanted Tiki Room, I even liked the Under New Management, but I am so happy they are bringing the original back to WDW. And, fingers crossed, I hope to experience it at Disneyland in 2013! :o)

BruceWDW said...

I'm really looking forward to the new (or is it old) Tiki room on our next visit. Adventureland is always a great set of visits for our family.

Crystal and Bryan - said...

We did Disney's World Tiki Room for the first time last year, and are very excited to see the "original" version this year now that they're scrapping the "Under New Management" theme!

yestheyareallmine said...

I love the original Tiki Room!

I am not sure if you remember me. I am Casey and I blogged at Disney DreamFinder. I was ill and stopped writing. Well, I am slowly coming back and have a new blog. You can find me at I will be back reading yours now and can't wait to get caught up!

Days In The Park said...

Thanks Melissa!

Yeah, we hear that that's the general consensus about "Under New Management". ;)

And here's to hoping you get to experience it in 2013 too! :)

Days In The Park said...

Thanks Bruce!

We love Adventureland as well :)

Days In The Park said...

Hey Crystal and Bryan. Thanks for stopping by!

Nothing ever beats the original, does it? :)

Days In The Park said...

Of course I remember you Casey! We missed you around here! :)

So glad you're back and can't wait for you to get caught up, either. We've been busy around here! ;)

ChevyBurnz said...

Its a classic attraction that holds great nostalgia, that feels timeless every time you enter the Enchanted Tiki Room! I personally like the Tiki atmosphere, which is why its poised in the upper part of my must do list.

Great article!

Days In The Park said...

Thank for stopping by Eric!

It's awesome to see that so many other people love, or want to love, the Tiki Room too. So glad to know we're not the only ones that consider it a must do! :)

Jason Tucker said...

Don't we all loop nice :)

What a great night!

Days In The Park said...

We sure did, Jason. It was an awesome night :)