Sunday, May 1, 2011

Odds and Ends: Weekly Cap-Off (4/25 - 5/01)

Visits to the Park this week:  3
Any week when we get in multiple trips is a great one! We were invited by a Cast Member friend into the "employees only" 'Company D' store on Thursday to do a little bargain-basement shopping, Mark was able spend the entire day in The Park on Friday with his family, and we'll both be in The Parks on Sunday (albeit at different times) while Chad participates in the AIDS Walk OC 2011 and Mark tries to meet one Jack Lindquist and get a copy of In Service To The Mouse signed.

Next week promises to be another "multi-trip" week as well, and we can't wait to get back here and talk all about it, but we suppose we should get through this week first. So without further ado...

Last Week on Days In The Park:
On Monday we picked up where we left off a few weeks ago with another one of our popular (we love all of the participation!) "Magical Mystery Mondays"

Wednesday, we put out another batch of our random wanderings photos with our "Almost" Wordless Wednesday segment

We invited you to come on a stroll around The Park with us in a new segment called "Pathing Around The Park" on Thursday

Friday we picked up from where we left off a few months ago with our "Friday Fast Pass" where we talked about, you guessed it, Disney's Fastpass Service

And finally, on Saturday, we slowed it down with a "Saturday Slow-Down" segment where we talked about one of our favorite places to view Fantasmic!, and it's not right in front!

At The Parks:
There are a few fairly notable events happening at The Parks this week that we're going to do our best to go to and hopefully write about.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are couple of really good things happening today (Sunday). The 25th annual AIDS Walk OC (Orange County) is taking place at The Resort, and Chad will be participating with our friends at for the first time. We think that it's a great cause and it's an honor for us to participate in a small way. Also, Disney Legend (with the company since 1955 and former President of Disneyland) Jack Lindquist will be in The Park signing copies of his memoir In Service to the Mouse. Mark is going to try and pick up a copy early Sunday morning and be in line for an autograph in the afternoon. Here's hoping he can write about that more later in the week.

The biggest news this week though is, of course, the world premier of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Disneyland Park. New Orleans Square is being readied, the seating stands for the lucky attenders are going up, and the giant screen where the movie will be shown is being set up in the middle of Rivers of America. We plan on getting there bright and early on Saturday morning (for reference, Disneyland Park will be closing at 5pm Saturday for the showing) to stake out our claim for the red carpet (black in this case) event down Main Street, U.S.A. that the entire country will no doubt be attending. We're not a news outlet or anything like that (we're just fans and it's a day in The Park, so hey, why not go?) but here's hoping we can snap a few photos of some celebrities and maybe shake a hand or two; maybe even Johnny Depp. It sure would make Chad's wife Stephanie happy!

Here At Days In The Park:  
Next Sunday we sit down to record Episode 4 of the Days In The Parkcast (our monthly podcast) for you. Hard to believe we're already going to be doing our fourth episode! If you haven't had a chance to listen to our first three shows yet, we'd love to have you do so. You can find them here at the top of our website.

And we're going to be writing, too! We have a week's worth of wholesome goodness simmering and ready for you. We'll have our regular weekly "Magical Mystery" and "Almost Wordless" segments, of course. But we're also going to be talking about all the ways you can keep up with The Parkers, a nighttime ride on the Matterhorn Bobsleds, we'll be picking up where we left off on the west side of Sleeping Beauty Castle for another "Pathing Around The Park", and we'll hopefully have plenty to say about our activities from inside The Parks this week.

We hope you'll keep dropping by to spend a Day In The Park with us.  We enjoy having you around!

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