Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Almost" Wordless THURSDAY (?!): Random Wanderings

We missed yesterday's Wordless post because we were on board the Magical Blogorail, so we're making it up to ourselves (and you!) today!  We took these over a span of a couple of weekends at the end of April and beginning of May and realized we hadn't posted them yet. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Our absolute favorite meal to eat in The Park. No, really! We do it often!

We highly recommend watching 'Vegas Vacation' to understand this one. Greatest brick ever!

Awesome early morning shot of Paradise Pier

We'll never see THIS at a 0 minute wait again!

Just hanging out in Critter Country on a Sunday morning

Her back must be KILLING her!

Not sure why they're a tad purpley, but we're okay with it

LOVE 'Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln'. Always worth a view.


Bhappylove said...

Pommes frites are so yummy. I don't think I've been to "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" since I was little. I need to check it out soon.

Days In The Park said...

The Pommes Frites are SO yummy! That is literally our favorite meal in The Park; gumbo and those :)

And you really should; 'Great Moments' is such an AWESOME show!!! We love it. :)

Amy said...

Yay Nick Pappagiorgio!

Days In The Park said...


LOL! Classic, right? :)

Amy said...

Fabulous pick of pics. Now can Splash Mountain hurry up and open already so we can ride it already?!

Robin said...

The funny thing about Vegas Vacation and the Nick Pappagiorgio is that I'm from Yuma, AZ. Always never fails to crack me up. I must look for this brick the next time I'm at the Parks.

Days In The Park said...

@Our Amy-

I know! We've never ridden it together. Very excited to do so for the first time :)

Days In The Park said...


LOL! Small world, right?

You must, you must! We know where it is now so we can find it every time LOL

Robin said...

Well then, I will tweet you for directions the next time I'm in the park. I must have a picture next to it.