Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adventures With Days In The Park #2 - California Screamin'

With nothing else set to post today (we've been busily wrapping up our podcast; coming Monday!) we spent some time looking through old pictures this morning to do a picture post when we came across this little number.

We're not really sure when we did this (it's lost in the sands of time) but it has been quite a while; certainly well before we started our website.  So, we thought it would be fun to put it up!  We don't typically video attractions at all (we want you to get out to The Parks and enjoy them for yourselves), but we actually know quite a number of people who won't ride Screamin' for one reason or another, so we thought we'd take you along with us so you can.

Couple of interesting notes:
  • That chick's hair was really attacking our camera
  • Lest you be worried about camera slippage, Chad had the camera cord wrapped around his wrist so much when we got off we thought he might need an amputation
  • The camera that takes your picture at the end of the coaster really blinded us



Jen Tucker said...

Heck yes I want to ride!

Days In The Park said...

Any time, Jen. Any time. :)

Joyce and Al said...

That is one of my favorite rides. Thanks for sharing!

Days In The Park said...

Glad to do it. :)

Magical Days with the Mouse said...

I couldn't help but laugh at that hair! I need to add this ride to my list for my next night out with you all.

Days In The Park said...

Absolutely Sarah. Consider it on the list.

And yeah, her hair was pretty magical. We definitely got a lot of laughs about that. :)