Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Saturday Slow-Down: Disney Animation Building

If you spend time in The Parks on any kind of a regular basis you will undoubtedly find a "groove" at some point.  You begin to have your own favorite spots to eat (and favorite items to order there), your favorite attractions, favorite restrooms, and even a bunch of favorite "secrets" that you like to keep to yourself.  Along with that "groove" I spoke of earlier will also come favorite spots to hang out.   

That said, we thought it would be fun to take a few Saturdays in the future and slow it down a notch (hence the article's title) and look at some of our favorite spots in The Parks where we just like to take it easy and hang out.  One such spot for us is the "Disney Animation Building" in the Hollywood Backlot in Disney California Adventure.

Artwork and Disney quotes adorn many of the walls leading into the lobby

It's a place that we can go when we need a breather and just want to relax, and it is absolutely awesome!  And as you can well imagine, it's all about its namesake, Disney Animation.

There are actually five different areas in the building (six if you count "Off The Page", a store where you can shop for your own animation merchandise), all of them dedicated to the wonderful art of Disney that we all know and love so much.

The four "interactive" areas of the Animation Building:  
Sorcerer's Workshop, Character Close-Up, Animation Academy and Turtle Talk With Crush

Over the next few Saturdays, we'll take a more in-depth look at each one individually, but today's post will take aim at the first room you see when you enter the building, the Lobby; or, as our friend Ashley from Twitter likes to call it, "The Lobby of Awesome Disney Clips".  

'Fantasia' flits by

The lobby itself is much as it sounds like it would be; it's a lobby, after all.  There's lots of space for sitting and milling around, and it's huge!  But what makes this one so unique, and so darn cool, is the never-ending cycle of Disney artwork, concept drawings, and music from many of your favorite Disney flicks which continue to pour forth from every screen and speaker.

It's not exaggeration in the slightest to say that we could spend hours in here, with our backs pressed up against the wall, just listening and watching.  And, in point of fact, at any given moment in the lobby if you stop and look around, you'll see many other people doing just that.  It is, without a doubt, one of our favorite places to hang out.  It's a fantastic place to watch the world and the animation go by, and hum (or sing if we get especially brave) along with our favorite soundtracks.

We're pretty sure she's singing about playing in the sun right now

Next week, we'll take a look at Turtle Talk With Crush.  In the meantime, are there any favorite places to hang out while you're in The Parks?  Give us a comment!  We'd love to post on some of yours in the future.


Disney_Casey said...

Can I just say I am jealous that you get to find spots!

Days In The Park said...

You CAN, with the understanding that we don't write it to make you guys jealous. ;)

We honestly hope that with a lot of what we write it gives all of you guys maybe a new way to look at The Park (if you already go) or maybe some new things to make sure you do when you get to come out.

Hope we're successful in that. :)

NDT_23Hannah said...

That is one of our favorite places! It's always so much fun to explore Sorcerer's Workshop and watch Turtle Talk.

Days In The Park said...

Thanks for stopping by, Hannah. We truly enjoy it, too.

Can't wait to write about all of the other areas in the coming weeks. :)

Motherhood Magic said...

I did a post about Beating the Heat at DCA, and I listed this as a spot with all the cool stuff inside to do.

We visit the animation room a lot too, and usually just hang out in the lobby watching the animation loop over and over.
I actually prefer to buy my vinylmation at Off the Page, and then open them inside the animation room. Such a great place if you ask me!

Nice post!

Days In The Park said...


It DOES sound like a good spot to open up the Vinylmation. I do a lot of them at home, though because I buy some every time I go and I try to open them up with my sons if I can.

Mark opens his up In-Park, though, so he can trade. :)