Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Holidays In The Park: Main Street, U.S.A.

It's the Holiday season at The Parks; finally!  As much as we enjoy Halloween Time, there's simply no substitute for the Christmas/Holiday season at the Disneyland Resort.  If you love great decorations, and lots to see, there's just no place in The Park where you're not going to be blown away.  We love seeing it transformed each and every year!

This year, the Holiday season officially kicked off on November 12th, and we were fortunate enough (Chad & Michael) to be able to spend some time taking it all in.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a stroll and shoot kind of day.  It may well be the busiest we have ever seen it.  Not the busiest it's ever been, surely, but it was certainly the busiest it's ever been while we were there.  So we didn't get as many shots as we would have liked, but we think we got some good ones we thought we could share.

As the next month and half goes by, we'll continue to go back and gather more pictures and these posts will be updated as time goes on.  But we thought (just like we did at Halloween) that the best place to start would be just where you start in The Park, Main Street U.S.A.  Enjoy!

The crowds were huge.  It took us a good 15 minutes to get inside.

In the meantime, we got some really great looks at the snowflakes adorning the main gates.

Wreaths adorn almost every square inch of building (and light pole) all over Main Street

Iconic.  The Main Street Yuletide Tree dwarfs us all.

Bells and baubles stretch tightly over Main Street...

...some with a distinctive "mousey" look to them

Even the WINDOWS along Main Street carry much to see, with some amazing decorations to purchase and take home for yourself including Tree decorations and statues and busts

Although Michael refused to take any character pictures, even HE was willing to step in front of Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle
We love the snow hanging off of the castle, and the wreathes and decorations are just amazing.

Be sure and check back with us next week, when we wander into another area of The Park and see more of the Holiday goodies The Park has for us to experience!


dragynally said...

Oooh pretty HoliDaze pics!!! YAY!

Days In The Park said...

Thanks, Dana. :)

Lots more to come. I always hold some in reserve, and there are a couple of spots we haven't even ventured into yet. So keep checking back for more "HoliDaze" pics. :)

Beth said...

yea! i love it. i went to disneyland in May for the first time and will be at WDW next month! Cant wait to see what they have up in Florida!

Days In The Park said...

Thank you, Beth. Glad you liked the photos. :)

And thanks for the follow. Only too happy to return the favor. ;)