Friday, November 19, 2010

The Friday FastPass: The Family Make The Trip

I suppose for most people, Disney is about families.  Even if you are single, or just spend a lot of time in The Parks by yourself, you can't help but notice families and be surrounded by everyone else's family.  In a way, it's kind of thrust on you.

Last week I wrote a little introduction to myself (and my introduction to Disney) in my post along the Magical Blogorail.  For me, my Disney experience began, and I'm sure will end one day, with my family.  As a kid, my parents were huge Disney proponents and my favorite television shows and movies were all Disney oriented, save Star Wars, and even that has a Disney tie-in.  The best vacation of my life was when I was 17 and my parents took me to The World for the first time.  I'm planning my own trip back there with my parents, my family, and my sister's family sometime in 2012.  We can't wait.  

Now that I have my own family, well, you can see how important an aspect of any Day In The Park that is to me.  I could spend hours (and do sometimes) just scrolling through old pictures and remembering all the magic we've had at The Parks.  For us, the ability to be Annual Passholders has truly been a blessing, and it's something we enjoy immensely.

Chad and Fam in the Disney Animation Building (2006)
Chad's wife and kids outside Monsters, Inc. in Disney California Adventure (2010)

Not just my own immediate family, either, but we really do see each and every one of us here (all two of us!) as family.  Mark and I didn't just fall into this by accident.  We've spent a lot of time together over the years, and we've logged countless in The Parks together.  We may not be blood, but there's no doubt we both kind of view each other like brothers, so when we're there, we're family; no question.

The really cool thing, though, is that Mark also does get to spend time at The Park with his own "real" family.  Being able to spend time in The Parks with our own immediate families, as well as each other, just adds to the wonder of it all.

Mark and his niece Christyana enjoy the fireworks at Disneyland

Amazingly enough, it doesn't stop there, either.  Neither one of us really knew what to expect when we started our website.  I guess we figured the most we could hope for was to gain a small amount of readership over time, and maybe a comment or two here or there.  Maybe just get something out there that someone enjoyed reading.

When I initially signed up for Twitter, it was solely for the sake of advertising.  I'd never been on Twitter before, and I didn't even know how the whole thing worked (What's an RT?  What does that @ symbol mean?).  

What I discovered, and very quickly I might add, was that there is a thriving community, a family, of Disney people alive and well and raging on Twitter.  If anyone had told me beforehand that we would meet such wonderful people and make such good (and true!) friends through our website, I would probably have scoffed at the notion.  

Yet, there you are.  Our family has indeed grown.  Over the past several weeks we've met and spent many hours with some of the people we've met through our website.  It's been nothing short of amazing.  People talk about Disney Magic and Disney Family all the time, and to see it in real life and watch it at work is just astounding. 

We should be upfront about this, too.  I'm not an extrovert.  Typically I abhor crowds and I'm not into meeting new people at all.  I'm incredibly shy and don't usually do well around new people.  I challenge you though to ask any of our new friends if they could tell that about me.  I've had nothing short of an all-out blast the last few weeks, and I have our new friends to thank for that.

Chad (l) and Mark (r) with Rosemary from
Chad and Lynnette outside the Plaza Inn on opening day for the Holidays

Chad, Julie (f-l), Amy (r-r) and Jenna (r-l) riding California Screamin' - Disney California Adventure

I guess that I'm learning as we go along just what it means to be a part of the Disney family, and that it doesn't have to stop with our own immediate families, either.  

There's plenty of room for everyone in our family.  

It helps to make each and every Day In The Park just a little more magical than it might be otherwise.


Amy said...

:) Awww, seriously awesome. This post gave me warm fuzzies! I feel like a group hug now.

Days In The Park said...

Glad you liked it. Awesome time last Sunday. :)

Maybe next time Mark won't be sick. ;)

Paul said...

This might seem a little strange but what about when it's raining? Like it's going to do this weekend. Do you go to the park? Stay home?
What's there to do at Disneyland and C.A. when the weather turns bad?
There's probably not a big crowd.

Days In The Park said...

We are certainly not afraid to go into The Park when it's raining. In point of fact, we've stood around in the rain many a night and come home pretty wet. We certainly don't stay home because of it, and in point of fact, The Parks can be quite gorgeous (especially at night) when it's raining. There's a whole other quality to it when it's wet, strange as that might sound.

It definitely helps with crowd control. The only rides that shut down would be the outdoor coasters, but everything else pretty much maintains the status quo, so we'll usually ride indoor rides, or go shopping or eat, if the rain gets TOO bad.

Disneyland can be A LOT of fun and very enjoyable in the rain if you're not afraid of getting a little wet.

But you're right, your question was pretty strange since it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the post. ;)

Joyce and Al said...

This is great and I am happy that you welcomed Al and i into your family!

Days In The Park said...

Darn skippy! If this had been a month from now you guys would be pictured as well.

Guess we'll have to wait until next month for you guys to make our gallery. :)

dragynally said...

Awww! As I like to say Disney is a tight nit community of millions of people! I love being a part of it.

Days In The Park said...

Thanks, Dana. Glad you liked it! :)