Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DITP Perspective: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Average Wait Time:  15 minutes
Approximate Ride Length:  15 minutes

So... You've come seeking adventure and salty old pirates, eh?

Pirates of the Caribbean has been, is, and will continue to be one of the iconic attractions at Disneyland Park.  Originally opened in 1967, Pirates was the last attraction in which Walt Disney himself had a hand in creating.  Originally envisioned as a "walk-through" attraction featuring wax figures (as opposed to today's Animatronics), the ride has gone through many revamps during the years (such as the introduction of Davy Jones and Capt. Jack Sparrow after the 'Pirates' movies became such a massive hit), but it nonetheless remains a massive hit among those who visit the Park.

If Chad and I had the chance to ride Pirates of the Caribbean every time we went to Disneyland, I think we would.  In fact, we do.  We have made it a ritual to ride it at least once every time we dare to enter the Park's gates.  Only once have we been thwarted when, while standing right in front of our boat, we were informed the ride had broken down and we would have to leave the building.  Excluding acts of God, by our best estimate, we have ridden Pirates on roughly 25-30 consecutive trips; the number may in fact be higher.

What makes Pirates so special is the experiences that you, the rider, have on the attraction, and often times in our case, the comedic experiences you have on the attraction.  Yes, there are pirates.  Yes, there are canon-balls flying and wenches to be had at auction.  And don't even get me started about the creepy guy wallowing in the mud with the pigs. But like so many things, the ride is what you make it.

For example, how about the time Chad and I unknowingly went to Disneyland on Bats Day (Goth)?  Talk about being severely under-dressed!  Making our usual trip down to the Park Chad noticed someone dressed in Goth attire.  Both of us wondered why someone would dress like that, when suddenly another one popped out, then another, and then another.  The next thing we knew, we were surrounded! Trying to blend in was quite a chore.  We were mostly successful until we rode Pirates.  The ride was going smoothly, we enjoyed it like usual,  but then we noticed we had caught up to the boat in front of us, and in the back of said boat were two Bats participants engaged in what could only be described as a very passionate embrace.  Being the jerk that I am, and believing that they had no idea we were there, I yelled out "We can see you!"  After a hearty guffaw amongst ourselves (and a few dirty looks from them) we continued on our merry rum-soaked adventure.  I would just like to go on record here as saying how mortified I was that this ever took place.  My apologies to you, young lovers.  -Chad

One of my personal favorite parts of the ride is the treasure room.  Not a time goes by where I don't pass the room, turn to Chad and ask him if he would like some cursed Aztec gold; to this day he has refused (because I've seen the movie and I know what would happen to me if I did, mate - Chad).  He's not below annoying me either, however.  Without fail, whenever we circle around to the part of the ride featuring the wenches auction, in a loud outburst he loves to scream, "Those aren't chicks.  They're dudes, I'm telling ya!"  And I stand by my assessment, other than the really hot redhead in the front - Chad

However, we are in agreement that Davy Jones makes the worst threats ever.  Every time we get lifted up the last waterfall he threatens that the next time "we won't be so lucky".  And yet here I am, after riding Pirates of the Caribbean who knows how many times, feeling just fine.  Sorry Davy, but it would seem that Captain Hook, not you, is still the terror of the seas.

If you have ridden this attraction, give yourself a pat on the back.  For those who haven't, slap yourself in the back and get yourself to Disneyland and ride it.  Pirates is one of those rides you'll remember for a lifetime.  Drink up, me hearties, YO-HO!

For myself, Pirates is one of those rides that for whatever reason, maybe the magic in the air (who knows?), never gets old or tiring.  Although it's fun to say I've ridden it on so many consecutive visits to the Park, the truth is, I WANT to ride it every time I go.  And I think that's a testament to Walt's vision, and his understanding of what people enjoy.  It's not without its flaws.  My nostrils are often assaulted in line for the ride (apparently sewage lines were non-existent at the time).  And depending on line-length, more often than not I'm forced to listen to people banging back and forth on that door (anyone who's ridden Pirates knows exactly what I'm talking about) like a bunch of 5-year olds fighting over a playground swing.  But once I swing around the dock and see the Blue Bayou (my favorite restaurant on the planet), and if I'm lucky a quick peek into the backdoor of Club 33 (a place I will likely never set foot), it's easy to let the flaws slip away and appreciate the fun that's about to happen.  It hasn't failed me yet.


~jill said...

we ALWAYS ride pirates...ALWAYS! and you know how often we're at the parks. ;) it never gets old.

Trigger and Dutch said...

I DO know, Jill. :)

Thanks for coming by, following, and posting.

Erin Faye said...

I ride Pirates every chance I get. My favorite part has always been the drops. And I was so excited to get to take my son on it for the first time. His little heart was ready to jump through his chest! So, we started the girls a little younger, and they look around at the ride in wonder. It is my favorite ride, and I wish I could go on it today!

Trigger and Dutch said...

Thanks, Erin! :)

I enjoy riding it with the kiddies, too. Mark, having no kids, has no idea whether he likes riding it with children or not. ;)